About Us

World Dynamics International Development Limited and its subsidiary company King Rider Tyre Company Limited, are based in Hong Kong and engage in tire and tube business.

With manufacturing plants in China, we produce tires under our own brand names Kingrider and Kingfox. The range of tires produced includes radial tires, ATV tires, truck tires, agricultural tires, motorcycle & bicycle tires and tubes. The bias truck tire KR66 is specifically developed by us for Indian market.

The quality of our products is well proven as they are granted with CCC certificates from Chinese Government and ISO certificates. Our products have been sold in the US, Europe, India, South Africa and Middle East. The high and stable quality, competitive prices coupled with efficient services are the major attractions.

Apart from manufacturing our own products, we also offer OEM services. The mission of World Dynamics is to facilitate foreign companies to do business in China by providing one-stop service, from product development to manufacturing, testing and export, with great emphasis on quality control.

With dedicated staff well experienced in international trading and a sense of strategic vision in tire business, World Dynamics is able and willing to offer or develop wide-ranging products at very competitive prices to meet the various demands of international customers.

Your need is our need. A quick response is our commitment. Contact us and let's work together to attain long-term effective partnership.